Friday, August 21, 2015

Poop Happens

I wanted to share these two funny cards with you. This summer my two oldest grandsons (ages 10 and 8) wanted to work to make some money to buy themselves an X-Box. A family from our church  hired them to come and feed and water their chickens, dogs and cats. They also had to water their garden. Grammy (me) provided transportation twice a day so they could do this. If you have ever had chickens you know that they are kind of yucky (my grandson's word). But the boys were troopers and did their jobs. It was a great time to teach the boys about "a job worth doing, is worth doing well".  Plus, we talked about eggs, chickens, old dogs, and why we need to care for our animals. There second job was a three week job for our pastor and his wife. They have three cats (big, big, big) cats that live in the house. They provide four litter boxes for those  casts. So, each day we went and cleaned the litter boxes, fed and watered the cats, brought the mail in, set the trash out, and exchanged the water bottles with the delivery man. One day the youngest asked me if the next job they got could be something without poop. The oldest piped up and said, "Well, poop happens." So when I saw this image from Mo Manning, I new I would have to make them a card and tell them how proud I was of them for working so hard this summer. BTW they did earn the money for the X-box. 
I am entering this card at the following challenges:

My Song: I Want To Be More Like Jesus
As each day passes by, I feel my love run dry
I get so weary, worn and tossed 'round in the storm
Well I'm blind to all His needs and I'm tired of planting seeds
I seem to have a wealth of so many thoughts about myself
I want to, I need to, be more like Jesus
I want to, I need to, be more like Him

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Craftdee said...

I just thought I'd pop in and say what a good gramma you are and how very proud you SHOULD be of those grandsons, they sound like fine young men :-) What a fine lesson you are teaching them regarding reward for effort and the value of money... helping them assess our needs versus our "wants"... people thought we were hard on our kids when they were young and we required them to contribute to their "wants", but the lessons they learned then have led to them being solid citizens as adults - and I see them passing these ethics on to their kids (even though they were, apparently, at the time the ONLY kids who had to do anything more than ask for what they wanted, hehe) ...and I know EXACTLY what you mean about gramma carting them around; I'm sure there was more than one occasion when you felt it would be cheaper and certainly easier to buy the Xbox for them... I know I sat in traffic more than once wondering if the lesson were worth teaching - so nice to find now, twenty years on that it WAS :-))
I love your cards, I'm going to have to get that image, the look on the dog's face is priceless!!
Donna x