Sunday, October 17, 2010

Cards From Luke And Logan!

My two grandsons, Luke and Logan surprised their Papa and Grammy with these lovely homemade cards. From the time they both entered our world they have brought us countless joy. We were heartbroken the day they had to move so far away from us and we miss the close contact we had when they were just five minutes from our house. Their mommy and daddy are doing a wonderful job helping to mold them into wonderful little boys. As you can tell I am very proud of them and love them with all my heart. I wanted to share their wonderful homemade cards with you. Luke turned five in August and Logan turned three in May. I think they are wonderful artists and I hope they are excited about appearing on Grammies blog! Luke I love you to the moon and back and Logan I love you more than all the stars!


Patti said...

How delightful! Super great little artist's you have there!

Gale said...

They both are exhibiting a great sense of balance and design for their ages - I hope they continue to play in the stamping world. Who knows, they could be budding Tim Holtzs!!!

Elaine said...

These are both fabulous cards Patty. I know how proud you are of both these little boys and how much you love them.
Its so great to let kiddies be creative and make their own little works of art (from the heart for Grammy & Papa).

Love Elaine xx