Thursday, October 13, 2011

Re-Color---repost "What Was I Thinking!"

Last week I made a card that I hated. I had a suggestion that since my color choice was not the best for the night shirt and night hat, that I recolor them with my Copics, so I did! While this is not my best coloring job it does make the card look much better don't you think? I do love that with alcohol markers you can do this sort of thing. If you look at the close up you can see that a bit of the lavender still peeks through but it looks like a back light. Hope your week is going well...blessings!
The Song:
Fly me to the moon,
Let me swing among the stars
Le me see what spring is like
On Jupiter and Mars.


The Other Patti Sue said...

Your right... this is better in these colors! The lavender is a great shadow!

Amanda R said...

Yep, like the green much better!