Saturday, April 27, 2013

Our God Reigns

Today has been a hard day for me, for my church family and for our community. At 4:00 AM this morning it was discovered that our church (First Baptist) and Community Bible Church (just two blocks away) were both on fire. Someone or several someones broke in and trashed areas and then set the church on fire. It was a senseless, cowardly, evil, crime that broke the hearts of many in our community. We are typical small town America. Things like this just don't happen in our community, but it did. Tonight I am praying for the individual(s) who committed this crime. I can't imagine the hurt and darkness in their lives that would have led them to do something like this. I also pray for our community that God will be the healer and we will all draw  closer to His love. 
My Song: Our God Reigns 
That our God reigns over the heavens
Over the earth our God reigns
Praise His name all still standing
All that was, all that remains
Our God reigns
All that was, all that remains
Our God reigns, our God reigns


Marilyn said...

This is so sad and heart wrenching when senseless acts like this are committed and it's so difficult to understand the motivation. Rest assured, your community will pull together and be stronger than ever, I just know it.
Your cards are gorgeous!

WJ said...

Well said Patty. I too pray for healing and comfort. I love your card, as always your creations are wonderful. Sending hugs your way. {{{hugs}}}

lovingrammahood said...

I am so sorry to hear of the heart ache for both you and your community. We must always remember that no matter what, God is in control. Sometimes that is all we have to hang on to. I'm sure God will pull your community together like never before.
Thanks for sharing these beautiful cards with us.
God Bless
hugs: Donna

Glenda Brooks said...

You and your church family are in my thoughts and prayers. Thinking of you!

Janie Printz said...

This just breaks my heart that anyone could commit such senseless acts of destruction ... I feel for you & all the wonderful people of your community who are feeling the pain of this. Thankfully it sounds as tho no one was injured ... I'm so sorry to hear this news ...
Bless you my friend & wish I was there to hug you today.
Big cyber hugs, Janie

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Beautiful card and coloring but a senseless act. Yes, it is so hard to comprehend the motivation. I'm so sorry!

Amanda R said...

I love your cards and admire you tremendously for not be angry (although I am sure that is there too) but asking God to be with the people that did this. And you are right, how sad that someone is that lost and miserable they felt they needed to harm someone else like this. Thank God there are still people like you out there, keeps my faith in humanity strong.

Dianne said...

Such a senseless crime, it breaks my heart too. I can't make sense of it all so I just send heart healing prayers for you and the others.
You cards are really lovely, thanks for sharing and bringing us closer to you.. Big hugs XXOO

Stephanie said...

Thanks for your comment today on my blog post about the fire! We are praying for First Baptist too, for our community & yes, for the perpetrators! Indeed, our God reigns! God bless you.