Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Graduation Day

 A closer look.
 The inside of the card!

 A second card...
 The envelope and a peek inside.

These are two cards that I was commissioned to make. Graduation is such an exciting time, but it is also a big change in a families life. It seems time passes all to quickly and our children grow up so fast. I hope each of you will cherish you time with your children. I know I do. 
I went with the school colors for my cards. My first card I actually added a chain from the watch to the key, but I forgot  to take a picture after I added it....lol....I even decorated the outside of the envelopes. My images are SC . My Flowers are from WOC. I hope you have a wonderful week-end. 


Tammy Ortiz said...

oh so super cute.
My Daughter is graduating from ECU in two weeks with her masters.
I love this
hugs Tammy

Glenda Brooks said...

These are both wonderful! Hoping there was not too much damage done at your church. Thinking of you!

Marilyn said...

Fab cards with those cute images. I think your colouring is gorgeous... love that deep blue on the guy one and how the bottom of the gowns are highlighted so nicely. I also like the way you finish your cards.. finishing the inside makes them seem so complete and professional.

Becky said...

These are adorable inside and out. Gorgeous details and coloring.

Carolina Girl (Cely) said...

Totally wonderful!!! I do that too, add something after I take the pic and don't want to retake the pic since it is a good one. Where did you get the watch....it's super!

Dianne said...

AWESOME!! hope you got your moneys worth, they really are 2 outstanding cards, thanks for sharing and have a wonderful weekend..