Monday, January 7, 2013

A Card for Luke!

What a computer mess I have had the last couple of days. Thanks to my husband, Shirley, and Julie Price I am happy to say that I am back in business. I couldn't load my pictures on blogger. But thanks to these two ladies I am now using Foxfire and Google Chrome both of which solved the problem. I am finding that Foxfire is the better of the two. I do hate when I can't get this computer to do what I want and sometimes Blogger and me are just not on speaking terms. If anyone else has had this problem give these a try and see if it solves your problem. this is a fun card I made for my oldest grandson. I wanted to send him a little thank you for Christmas and just a 'Grammy loves you' card. This Sassy Cheryl image captures his personality perfectly. I used puffy paint on the fur on the sleeves of his not add your glitter first....oh, my, did I have things popping for a few minuets. I die cut my snowflakes (which are falling quiet freely from our skies today) and then added a bit of Stickles for some bling. Glitter (popping glitter) was added to the snowballs. A blue rhinestone to each snowflake finished off my card. Hope your Monday was filled with blessings!
I will have to look for challenges for this card!

My Song: He Said (Mary Mary)
Whatever you need for him to do
He will do it if you give him the chance
And I am telling he's already proud
That he can do anything,
So give him the chance
Now there's been so many times
I called on him
Regardless of the circumstance
He was there
So now I devoted my life to serving him
It's me for him `cause all the time he
Was there for me
It doesn't matter what the need
No there's no limit, I'll give you anything
All I want is you to trust me
Through my love I'll set you free


Tonya said...

This is super cute.

Amanda R said...

Thanks for the warning, I have never tried the puff paint yet. No snow coming down here, just some left in the yard. You can keep it out your way please.