Sunday, January 30, 2011

"Blog Award"

I have received this award from several people. Thank you each and every one. I have been blogging less that a year and I have  discovered so many nice people out there. Everyone has been so helpful and I have enjoyed going on line each day to see what each of you have been up to. Thank you for being so kind to me. Here are the conditions that you need to meet to participate.
You have been TAGGED and want to participate? Then create a post where you post the 'LOVE BLOG' image. You should also blog the persons link that gave you the award and inform her/him that you accept the award. You can then choose 3 - 5 favourite blogs which you also link in your post, then each blogger will inform you that they have been tagged. I was tagged by:
Anne Forrest at and Shirley at
Both of these ladies are the sweetest people you could find and both do lovely work. Please check out their blogs!
The aim of this action is that we bring unknown, good blogs to light,so I would ask you not to blog fellow bloggers that already have 3,000 followers. This is the hard part passing it on as ALL you fellow crafting bloggers but I have chosen the following people:
my blogger twin the "other Patti Sue" at
next is a sweet friend that everyone should follow, Amand at
and last but not least my sweet friend Elaine at
Please check out their blogs and become a follower, you will be blessed if you do!

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The Other Patti Sue said...

Well Thanks Patty... I will try and get this posted soon!