Saturday, October 8, 2016

Brighter Days Ahead

A closer look at the image.
The inside of my card!
I love "Wee" stamps. They are so fun and always bring a smile to my face. That is exactly what I want this card to do. I am sending it to a dear friend who has suffered a devastating loss in her family. Today, take time to let your children and grandchildren know just how much you love them. We never know what demons they might be facing. Perhaps, you are the only lifeline they have at the moment. 
I think it was therapeutic for me to make it. After coloring it I had the daunting (for me) task of picking the perfect papers. I really wanted to pop the green and lavender colors that I used on the fairy and I think I accomplished this with this choice of cardstock. the pretty heart paper was a scrap piece in my basket that worked perfectly with this card. It also picked up the berries on this image.
I am entering this card at the following challenges:

My Song: If I Had Only Known (Reba McIntire)
If I had only known
It was the last walk in the rain
I'd keep you out for hours in the storm
I would hold your hand
Like a life line to my heart
Underneath the thunder we'd be warm
If I had only known
It was our last walk in the rain
If I had only known
I'd never hear your voice again
I'd memorize each thing you ever said
And on those lonely nights
I could think of them once more
Keep your words alive inside my head
If I had only known
I'd never hear your voice again
You were the treasure in my hand
You were the one who always stood beside me
So unaware I foolishly believed
That you would always be there
But then there came a day
And I turned my head and you slipped away
If I had only known
It was my last night by your side
I'd pray a miracle would stop the dawn
And when you'd smile at me
I would look into your eyes
And make sure you know my love
For you goes on and on
If I had only known
If I had only known
The love I would've shown
If I had only known

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Olga Fink said...

A stunning card! So very beautiful! And so such a sweet feeling coming from it!
Xoxo Olga