Saturday, December 15, 2012

I'm Going Home...

This has been a hard post to write. My heart is so heavy from the sadness of the senseless killing of so many sweet, innocent little ones. My prayers are with each of the families who have lost so much . I truly hope we will all realize the need for each of us to turn our hearts and lives over to the Lord. We as a country, have allowed evil to creep into the very core of our families and left the door wide for evil to come into our schools. I pray that everyone who has lost a loved one will find comfort in the Lord tonight. Please take time tonight to tell your loved ones that you care and take time pray for them each and every day.
  This is a little notebook that I covered. I have a friend at church who is always writing notes from the sermon on little bits of paper. I made this cute little notebook for her. I place the black checkered ribbon on the edges to help protect it. My image is a SC image. I added three heart brads for a bit of interest. I colored the image with Copics and my new Touch Twin markers....thank you Amanda and Elaine....I am loving all my goodies!
My Song: I Going Home
They say that heavens pretty, and living here is too.
But if they said that I would have to choose between the two.
I'd go home,
going home, where I belong.
And sometimes when I'm dreaming,
it comes as no surprise.
That if you look and see the homesick feeling in my eyes.
I'm going home,
going home, where I belong.
While I'm here I'll serve him gladly,
and sing him all my songs.
I'm here, but not for long.
And when I'm feeling lonely,
and when I'm feeling blue.
It's such a joy to know that I am only passing through.
I'm headed home, going home,
where I belong.
And one day I'll be sleeping,
when death knocks on my door.
And I'll awake and find that I'm not homesick anymore.
I'll be home, going home,
where I belong.


Marilyn said...

This is a very sad time and I can only hope these families can find some peace and comfort amid this senseless and horrific act.
This notebook is beautiful and your colouring is perfection!

Vicky said...

This is so gorgeous I love the image & lush colours hun.

Its so heart wrenching isnt it hun about the school, I cried yesterday & then cried again this monring when I saw some of the photo's. I just keep thinking how excited all those children would have been cus santa will be coming so soon, all that magic taken away, the parents who now have to face christmas & the rest of their lives without their loved ones. It truly does break my heart. In fact I'm going again now, it just sets me crying everytime I think about them.

Lotsa hugs Vicky xxx

Amanda R said...

I agree, not enough time with the Lord and too many evil influences allowed. Such a sad time for everyone, maybe some good will come out of it at the end. This image is adorable and glad you are loving the markers, your blending looks fabulous, very smooooooth!