Thursday, March 8, 2012

Hula Hoop!

We are having a dinner theater at our church on the 17th. The setting of the play takes place in the 50's. I am making some card packets to give away as a prize. I wanted to do some 50's them cards and thought this little magnolia would be perfect! Isn't she cute with her little hula hoop? I was trying to use up some of my 'scrap' paper and came up with this color combo. Just a fun card that I hope someone will love.
My Song:
Hula hoop, hula hoop
Anyone can play the hula hoop
Hula hoop, hula hoop
Anyone can play from three to a hundred and ten

So, how many of you can still hula hoop? is not like riding a bike!


Linda said...

This is just to cute.. I dont think Ive ever seen this little
Tilda before..I do remember playing with my hula hoop as a kid..Im sure I would not be able to work one these days..LOL.. Lovely work as always.. Hugs, Linda

The Other Patti Sue said...

How could you not love this! So sweet! I used to love to hula hoop! I wowed my gdaughters when I still could!

Amanda R said...

I like those colors together and the little sparkly hearts are very sweet. Hope you have a great time at the shindig!