Saturday, November 5, 2016

The Angels Sang

I just wanted to share with you one of my Christmas Ornaments I have made for this year. My friend Robin has an ornament exchange party each year and this is one of my six ornaments that I will be bringing. I bought the blank porcelain  ornaments at Hobby Lobby. They are hand stamped and then colored with Copics. Afterwards I sprayed them with acrylic spray. I also stamped a verse on the back of each ornament! What do you think? Is this something you would like to get in an ornament exchange?
I am entering this project at the following challenges:

My Song:
The Angels Sang (Reba McIntire)
My little boy was a wise man this year
His Christmas play was something I couldn't miss
Between the shopping and my job I barely got there
My faith was worn from stress and strain
Until those little
Angels sang (hallelujah)
To the King (people rejoice)
He brought peace and joy to all the world
When he came
And the angels sang (hallelujah)
And they sang (people rejoice)
And as I watched those innocent children
I felt the greatness of that holy night
And for a moment I was right there with those wise men
So overwhelmed with love and light I had to cry when the
Angels sang (hallelujah)
To the King (people rejoice)

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