Wednesday, July 3, 2013


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Like many around our nation my heart is heavy thinking about the brave ;young firefighters who lost their lives in Arizona. We have so many everyday people who are heroes. I am praying for the families of all of these young men. A son, husband, father, brother, grandson, will not be at home tonight because they lost their lives doing a very dangerous job. Thank you to all firefighters for putting your life on the line to protect  our country. God bless each and every one of you and your families. 

My image is from The Paper Shelter. I think it is so cute and it is so much fun to color. Don't you find coloring really soothes your frazzled nerves? It does mine! The Paper Shelter Challenge this week is a picture inspired one. This card is not for the challenge. You will have to read the next posting to find out the  explanation. I actually sent this card to our local firefighters who put out the fire that gutted our church several months back. I was in awe of the danger they were in and yet they never hesitated to enter the church to try and save what they could. I used a new die from my sweet friend Wendy to frame this cute guy. Notice the cute little rhinestone drops? They were perfect for water drops. Just a few metal stars and my card was complete. Be sure and join in the fun this week at THE PAPER SHELTER and check out my team mates cards, they are beautiful!!!
My Song: (It's The Jake's That Make  The Job)
If these bricks and mortar were alive,
if these old walls had ears.
If these doors could talk and this Firehouse walk
 It'd spread tales of courage throughout the years
Cause it's the jakes that make the job. It's the Jake behind the wheel.
It's the Jake that rides beside 'em whose nerves are edged with steel.
The sirens blare and we say a prayer 'til they're home safe one and all
It's the jakes that ride behind them when the truck rolls to a call.
Our doors have been up and down more times than Wall Street through the years.
The boiler boils, the brass pole shines, we hold our breath in fear.
And sigh a sigh of relief my friends 'til it's out the door they've
'Till we hear the truck's muffler sound and we count the Jakes on board again.


Dianne said...

What a beautiful card and a wonderful post to the Heros who do an amazing job everyday.Thanks for sharing..Hey Honey hope your wrist is okay, sending well wishes to you Miss Patty.

Sandy said...

Such a horrid and sad event in Arizona. My heart goes out to their families.

Amanda R said...

This is adorable but such a sad circumstance to color it for. Love the way you colored the hose, great dimension by the way!