Monday, January 30, 2012

Guy Cards!

This was not my day to make a "Guy" card. First I picked the paper I was going to use, had it laying on my desk and then I dropped a copic across it. So I decided to color my image an then choose  a different paper. (I only had one piece of the original paper). I wasn't really happy with my second choice but at least it didn't have flowers or pink on it. After I colored my image I used liquid glass on the glasses. After sticking my  fingers in it not once but two time. I laid it aside to dry. OK, this is enough of bad karma on a card righ?...oh no... I then tore an end off one of my swirls. Since I had used a scrap piece I would either have to re-mount my image or fix my swirl. So, I added the brads. I then thought these looked odd since I chose copper...yep...the brain is not working here. So I added copper stickles to the swirls. They really did look pretty until I turned them upside down on my jeans. ARRRRRRR! Did I mention I hate 'guy' cards? I quit before I destroyed it all together. Maybe I will have better inspiration tomorrow? I think I need to take a 'guy card' class. Hope your Monday card making went better than mine!
My Song: "Some Kind Of Trouble"
Trouble in my heart, trouble on my mind
Never any trouble for me to find
Some kind of trouble
I was down around so low as a body can be
So, I talked to my preacher about prayen' for me
He smiled and said, "Child you're not alone"
"Cos all God's children got to deal with their own,
Kind a trouble!"
 I got trouble!


The Other Patti Sue said...

OMGosh I'm sharing your misery! I didn't laugh until you dropped your swirls on your jeans. My stamping day went the same way... It can only get better!If it makes you feel any better I love your card... at least you have something to show for your hard work!

Maria said...

Thanks for your lovely comment! I'm following you!!!!

Maria B.

Glenda said...

I can totally relate! Love the card; it turned out beautifully! Hope this day is better!

Amanda R said...

I still like it tragedy or not! My problem is usually furry and steps on things though!