Sunday, February 27, 2011

The Sweetest Thing

I am fast approaching my one year anniversary as a blogger. I worked for weeks trying to set up my blog and often thought about throwing in the towel and just forgetting the whole thing. But, I had two very sweet ladies that came to my rescue. The other Patti Sue at and Elaine at . Here were two (not strangers) but friends I had not met yet, encouraging  me and helping me get my blog going. Patti Sue was so sweet, she even called me on the phone and walked me through some things. Then I became a 'stalker' I would follow blogs but never leave a comment....I didn't know what to say and I certainly didn't want to annoy anyone by leaving a comment. Patti and Elaine were so sweet to keep leaving me comments and encouraging me. Then in my blog hopping I stumbled across Amanda at and she  makes me laugh almost daily. I could continue on and on with Janie, Glenda, Linda, Pam, Shirley, Donalda, etc,etc. I can't tell you how blessed I feel finding friends not only in Idaho but all over  the world. So, I was really honored when Shirley at left little old me an award. So a big thank you to her and to each of you for blessing my life.
Now the three sweetest things in my life.
1. My husband, he may not always understand my need to craft, but he always has supported it. He is my best friend and  mate. We will celebrate our 39th wedding anniversary this year. I would not trade that time together for anything.
2. My kids, Traci my daughter and Jeff my son and TaCole my daughter-in-law. I am so proud of each of them and they have brought countless blessings.
3. Last but certainly not least are Luke and Logan my wonderful grand kids. The love and joy they bring to my life is one of the most precious gifts I have.
Thank you to each of you for  taking time to share a part of my love for crafting and pieces of my life!
Now to try and pick three people to give this award to. THIS IS SO HARD!
1. Amanda at  
2. Janie at
3. Linda at
Stop by their blog and they will knock your socks off with their fantastic work!


Nannieflash said...

Well done sweetheart Im so glad you found it in the end, and Im sure your friends will love it in return. You are one of the most thoughtful, loving, giving person I know and you so deserve this award and I couldnt think of anyone more worthy of it. With love and huge hugs Shirleyxxxxxxxxx

Elaine said...

Oh Patty, you are just the sweetest lady ever.
The nicest thing about blogging is all the lovely people you get to meet and all the friendships that are forged over some ink and rubber.
I've met some other lovely bloggers through you, Amanda being one, and she always brightens my day and makes me chuckle and Janie being another lovely, sweet lady. Thank you for the wonderful praise, though I'm not sure I really deserve it! And of course thank you for you friendship..that's what means the very most to me.
Love and Hugs
Elaine xxx

LINDA said...

I absolutely agree with Shirley.. And Im so glad you keep on bloging, other wise I would'nt have been so blessed to have meet you.I do feel honored to be friends with such a lovely lady..I just wish we lived closer so we could get together..Thank you so much for passing this award on to me.. I am truly honored.
Hugs, Linda