Thursday, May 20, 2010

"You Are Special"


Elaine said...

Hi Patty,
Thank you for entering my little Candy.
Welcome to Blogland!
I know it's a bit daunting when you 1st start a blog, but I promise you it will get easier.
I've only had my blog for 3 weeks, and already it's a lot easier. And you will meet lots of new people and make lots of new friends.
I'm no expert at all, but if I can be of any help then I'm an email away
I hope you are going to tell me your profession?I'm guessing a teacher? I can't write on here what my Mum says is the oldest profession in the bible!
Nice to hear from you.
Take care
Love Elaine xx

Patty said...

Thank you for your words of encouragement! I have read how to do things on a blog and end up soooo confused. I am definately not a technical junkie! Both you and your mom are wrong...I was a tax collector! Do they have taxes in the U.K.? Have a wonderful week-end and the Lord's blessings to you and your mom!